East Hampton’s Artist's House

The renovation and expansion of the historic East Hampton’s Artist's House creates a retreat for family and friends.

We were engaged to improve and expand this historic house in the Springs section of East Hampton, New York. The house was owned earlier by Elaine de Kooning and includes her painting studio.

The existing one-story house was comprised of mostly small rooms on different levels along with the large painting studio. The studio contained the laundry as well as non-art storage.

The owner wanted to transform the house into a special gathering place for family and friends by adding a bedroom, improving the kitchen, eliminating the different levels, and transforming the site with new landscaping and a small pool in the rear yard. The existing studio was to be preserved and improved since the owner is a passionate amateur painter.

Our approach was to create a dramatic social focal point by reimagining the existing living space. The new space was designed with a warped and sloped ceiling that provides a strong connection to a re-landscaped rear yard. It was also raised to the same level as the kitchen enabling easier access. A new entry hall lined on one side with storage, is open at both ends to create a connection between the front and back yards and includes a direct view of the new lap pool. The studio was decluttered by relocating the laundry and rationalizing the painting storage. A new main bath and guest bedroom are added to the front allowing for more visitors.

The renovation and expansion complies with East Hampton sustainability requirements by replacing the existing systems with a heat pump, installing new insulated windows and insulation and providing improved storm water drainage for the site.