Our Philosophy

We believe that design can create change and identity in order to flourish in a globally connected, rapidly changing and multi-cultural world. It can also provide a powerful connection to local surroundings and culture. Despite the ability to instantly communicate worldwide today, we see the need for public spaces that encourage social interaction, collaboration, and community, as timeless and more important than ever. Each of our projects is a unique opportunity to create a balance between an innovative contemporary architecture, an expression of each client’s aspirations, and a subtle response to local place.

We believe that architecture has a critical role in creating a healthier and more sustainable built environment, one that consumes less resources, responds to local climate, and encourages more sustainable forms of development. We are inspired by some of the innovations of Modernism: using minimal means for symbolic expression, flexible and open spaces, a greater connection between the outside and inside, and increased natural light in buildings. These are particularly relevant in an age of rapid change and climate issues.

Ultimately we strive to create inspiring architecture, one that uses form, space, material, and light to touch people emotionally and express ideas about their identities, surroundings, and culture.

“While their modernist lineage is clearly visible in their work, SYA is not a buttoned-up designer of austere boxes… They like to experiment with light, texture, and surface, as well as text and images to reflect their clients’ identities.”
Alan Brake, The Architect’s Newspaper