Super Pier Pavilion

The Super Pier Pavilion is a beacon that will draw people to this transformed historic pier.

For a private developer, SYA created multiple options for the roof of the historic Pier 57 (the “Super Pier”) on the Hudson River at 14th Street. The Pier, an extremely innovative structure built on concrete caissons, is being completely restored and transformed by the developer into offices, event spaces, and a world class food court. The program for the roof included a restaurant/event pavilion and outdoor socializing areas.

SYA’s final design is a long simple pavilion with a Cor-Ten steel roof that seems to float above the pier. The pavilion acts as a beacon that will draws people to the new development . The West end takes advantage of the 180 degree views up and down the Hudson while the East end incorporates amphitheater seating with spectacular views of the city.